What Is Color Cast?

Color Cast is part of the Photoshop program. It offers you the ability to alter the colors in a photo. You can restore it to the way it should look by altering the saturation and the hue.

Features of the Program

Once you alter the photo, you'll a series of thumbnail prints; it’s up to you to choose the one you think is best. You are given the original as your Current Pick and a selection of thumbnails. These appear as a row to enable you to choose the ones that are closest to what you consider the natural colors of the picture to be.

You can then go through them to choose as many as you want. Order them in your preference and alter the colors to a more natural hue. These problems can be caused by various factors, such as too much sunlight or an overcast day. This feature changes the color that the camera might see.


Most digital cameras compensate for the light as it hits the lens, but sometimes this can cause color problems. Photoshop can correct these problems. You can use a selection of filters that can change the photo and correct the color. Photographers use various filters when shooting to adjust light that they know might be a problem. For example, they use an amber filter for the sky. When they do this, they are compensating for the light that would otherwise have caused a problem. With Color Cast, you can do this on your computer.