What Is a Photoshop Gallery?

A Photoshop gallery is a simple presentation style, similar to what you see when you look up all of the raw images taken by a camera in the Bridge mode while using Adobe Photoshop. Simply put, it is a walkthrough gallery that provides you with thumbnail sized previews of all the photographs rather than the actual photo itself. When you click on a thumbnail preview, you will be presented with a full sized version of the photograph that you will be able to pan, scale or zoom according to your preferences.


Adobe Photoshop provides several premade and pre-configured gallery options as a part of the direct package, while there are many other different formats that can be downloaded for free (or for a price) from the Adobe Photoshop home page. These can then be easily incorporated into any given workflow.

As a professional photographer, you can easily use the Adobe Photoshop gallery options to choose and create galleries that are functional and dazzling at the same time. On the other hand you may also use more specific and specialized third party applications that work in tandem with Adobe Photoshop as a standalone program or as a plug-in.

A Photoshop gallery will prove invaluable when you intend to give live demonstrations to the client or simply showcase your work.