What does Winnowing a Photography Shoot Mean?

Anyone doing a photography shoot will need to understand how to winnow the shot. Any photographers who are now moving to digital photography will need to understand a new process for initial editing. This is the process of dealing with the photos before they are edited in any other way.

This article will look at what winnowing is and how it can be applied to your photo shoot. This is a very basic but essential process and includes a number of steps.


The photos should be reorganised and grouped together so that they are easier to find. They can be grouped according to a number of different characteristics. The most common method of grouping the photos is by the date they were taken. Move the thumbnails around so that they are grouped properly.


The next process will be to rename the photos so that they are even easier to find. The easiest method of doing this is to use the batch rename command. This batch rename command can be used to rename the sequences of similar photos with names. This will make it easy for you to find all of the photos when you want to use them.


Another part of Winnowing is to add meta data to your photographs. This can include a description and keywords. The metadata can be searched for very easily which makes it very easy to search for and find the files. It's easy to search for the keywords and it will return the photos with matching metadata.


You will then be able to rank the photos with a star rating. This makes it possible to find the best photos.