What Causes Image Blur?

Image blur can be caused by multiple issues, but these are usually easy to identify and learn to correct.  It just takes a bit of digital photography knowledge and a few changes before snapping the shutter, and you can achieve crisp, clear photos.

Slow Shutter Speed

When in low light situations, a camera’s automatic settings may sometimes lower the shutter speed to compensate for the lack of light.   Movement of the subject or the photographer can then cause image blur because the shutter speed is too slow or essentially the shutter was open too long.

Hand Shake

Sometimes a slower shutter speed is required to capture a particular style or type of photo. In order to prevent movement blur from hand-holding the camera, it is best to engage the use of a tripod and a remote shutter for these instances. 

Misplaced Focal Point

It can sometimes be easy to have a focal point occur in the wrong area of the photo. This typically is more noticeable when using a shallow depth of field. For instance, if the focal point in a headshot is misplaced on the background instead of the subject, the background will now be crisp and clear while the subject will be blurry.