Using Photo Mats to Tie in a Theme

Photo mats can be used to tie in themes. For example, when scrap booking, you can use photo mats to tie in themes. There are scrap booking magazines to get theme ideas from in case you do not know where to begin. You will also want to know what size you will want your book to be. Your photos should be selected based on the theme you are creating. If you are doing a kid's birthday, you will want a theme with balloons or clowns.

Selecting and Sizing Your Photos

You will have to decide on how large you would like your scrap book or memory book, or theme related project to be. When selecting your photos, you will want to select a few of them that are related to each other. For the photos you use, you will want to have copies. With the photos you have selected, you may have too much of a background in them. You will need to crop these photos to the size or shape that you want. You can find different tools or templates that will help you shape your photos into all different shape styles. Once you find the style or shape that you desire, you will trim the edges of the photo very carefully a little at a time. 

Selecting a Color Scheme 

Now that you have styled and shaped your photos to suit your desire, you can see if they have a matching color scheme of some sort. Look at the background colors in the photos or see if the people in the photos have a matching scheme in their clothing color. You will also need to determine if you want the right and left pages to match in color and theme when you open the book. You do not want your page(s) to look over crowded. Just because you may have ten photos with the same theme, does not mean you have to use all ten of them.

Select Your Page Decorations

When you have cropped your photos and chosen your background paper, you can decide on your page decorations. You can use stickers, stamps and die cuts to decorate. You can make your own decorations with cookie cutters or tracing and cutting from another object. You do not want to over accessorize, as it will take away from the photos, which are the main focal point. 

Matting to Tie in Theme

You will want to use a piece of card stock or construction paper to mat your photos. Your photos should be matted on a solid color paper so that it will not cross with your current decorations or patterns. When gluing your photo to the mat, you will leave about 1/8 to 1/2" so your pictures will have a border. This allows the mat to give you a space between the photo and the paper. To decide on a mat color, you do not want to use the main color in the theme. You will want to choose your mat in the color that is not displaying the most in the theme. If the photo is green and yellow with specks of blue, you will want blue to be your mat color. If you are going to journal your theme, you can mat this piece then glue it to the page. Once you have matted your pieces and have the layout the way you would like it, you can use glue tape, corners or spray adhesives to secure your items down on the page. Finish off by putting your pages in a photo page protector.

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