Using Burst Mode for Opening Presents

Burst mode, also called continuous shoot mode, is an image capture method where you take photos one after another without changing settings or angle. Most of the newer digital cameras will offer some form of burst mode. You will simply need to look for an icon in the camera options that looks like overlapping squares. Burst mode is extremely helpful when taking action shots. It allows you to capture the progression of the movement or action. The images can then be framed or displayed together to create a visually striking display. When executed properly, using burst mode tells a story by showing the before and after and all of the events in between.

Capturing Natural Reactions

Using Burst Mode to capture someone opening a present is a great way to display the different emotions and stages of the event. When capturing the photo, it is important that the subject is completely natural in her actions. Set the camera to the highest amount of image captures before starting, to ensure that you capture the whole process. Also, check your battery life before you begin. When you are using burst mode, it drains the battery faster than taking one shot at a time.

Once all of the shots are taken, the images are then saved to the media card. This means that you will need to be ready to start again as soon as the process completes. That is, if multiple shots are needed. Also, before you begin, it is a good idea to try to capture a few images of the wrapped present. Take a few photos from different angles to capture the detail of the wrapping paper and bows. This will help you to successfully tell the story in your shot. Once the present is opened, take a few shots of the present to place at the end of your photo series. You can also capture some shots of the torn up wrapping paper on the floor.

Choosing Appropriate Settings

Depending on where the gift is being opened, you may need to adjust the camera setting to get the best quality image. If the event is taking place outdoors, try to select and area that has even lighting and no over hangings that can cause shadows and dark spots. If it's at a child's event, try to take the image in a place that is colorful and bright. You may need to use flash depending on the setting.

Organizing Time Lines

Once the photos are uploaded to the computer, place the shots back together in chronological order. Remove any photos that do not show a change in action. Now you should have a series of pictures that shows the subject opening a present. Look for changes in facial expression and body language for clues to what the person was thinking or feeling during the specific shot. Your photos can now be arranged in a photo album or scrapbook, or even framed as a series.

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