Using Aerial House Photos In Real Estate

Elevated camera photography has dramatically grown throughout the twentieth century; it is used widely in movies productions, monitoring, artistic and scientific projects, and aerial house photos. Using aerial imagery in real estate is a very good way to advertise a house for sale, as it provides multiple possibilities (so that a client can get the perfect impression of what they are interested in). Whether you are going to take the photos, or you are going to turn to a company that provides the service, here are some basic things to keep in mind when using aerial photography in real estate.

The Weather

It is important that the photos are taken on sunny and clear days. It should at least be clear enough, as additional lighting of a whole house and its area will be expensive and complicated.

The Camera

First off, the photos must be taken through an open window and not through glass. Then, shutter speeds must be fast – above 300/th and the rule of 'more is enough' must be followed, as sometimes it takes dozens of photos of the same objects to pick the best one. All possible angles must be presented on photos.

The Flying Engine

Of course, whether shooting yourself or hiring a photographer, make sure the pilots are very much experienced and that the engine is light enough to get close enough to the object. Also, make sure that the window opens and the wing of the aircraft is above your level rather than below it.

The House

Lastly, follow the style and the character of the house. Focus must be set on exactly these specifications that make it particular, interesting and unique.