Using Aerial Footage in Movies

Having aerial footage on video is an advantage to any movie. Once you have it in the bag, you have to pick the right moment that you can incorporate it into your movie’s narrative. You might be working on a short film, a documentary, or simply covering an important event. Whichever it is, your aerial footage will surely make your film look more professional. Here are some ways you can use your aerial footage.

Establishing Shot

Most eagle’s eye view shots are used to establish a setting. Place the aerial footage of the location right before the corresponding sequence. You can even place this at the beginning of your film if your entire film is set in that location. This makes the beginning more dramatic and gives the audience a bigger picture of your movie’s setting.

Depicting Scale

Sometimes, aerial shots are also used to depict a massive scale. If you want to show how big something is – for instance a mansion – then you can insert an aerial footage of this to show it encompassing a large land. If you want to portray a subject’s isolation, then you can place an aerial footage of him standing alone in the middle of a field.

Dramatic Ending

In the same way an aerial footage can serve as an establishing shot, it can serve as your extro or ending shot. If scored with the right music, it can serve as a dramatic ending to your film.