Using Action Photos in Magazines

Action photos can tell a story on their own and do wonders for magazines. Here is the process of picking dynamic and interesting action photos to display in magazines and articles.

Step 1: Review Your Photography

To select quality action photos, you will need to review the photography available at hand and then segregate the image according to themes and subjects featured in an article (or something that is directly in line with your magazine’s focus).

You will need to look beyond the photograph’s stock version and understand what you can do with it to create great elements like unique angles and perspectives. If you can see the hidden surrealism in a photograph that can be edited, then you can shortlist some great action photos for a magazine.

Step 2: Focus on Target Audience

As a photograph selector, you will need to focus relentlessly on the target audience’s tastes and expectations of the magazine. Focusing on a genre such as fitness, travel or gardening will help you pick action photographs that are more relevant and interesting. Also, keep an eye on the photograph sources of your competitors. Choose only the best work to be submitted and set submission standards.

Step 3: Track the Chosen Photographs

Tracking is key to understanding what the audience is responding to. Many magazines go for A-B testing of their photographs and use the ones that got higher votes by the audience. Over time, such exercises will give you a pulse of the audience and help you select the best action photos.