Unique Ideas for Making your own Graduation Photo Album

If you have a collection of graduation photos, a good idea is to consolidate them all into one handy photo album. You can make plenty of suitable albums just from things which are in your home, and you can also buy some great foundations for albums at local or online stores. With this many options, there isn't any real reason to avoid making a handy photo album in which to keep all of your graduation snaps.

Themed Album

Perhaps the best way in which you can create a photo album is in a themed style. If you went to college and spent a lot of time on the computer or partying with friends, then you may center your theme around friendships, computer games, or other social aspects of education. On the other hand, if you did well academically, then you might want to theme the album around textbooks, work, and those sort of objects.

How you decide to theme your book will depend upon how much you enjoyed your time at school. A formal photo album with an image at the bottom might be your taste, or you may prefer to treat it more like a scrap book.


Another way of to decorate the photo album is to use the colors of the school you attended. The school uniform can create a perfect backdrop. You don't have to use school colors at all; in fact, you can choose any color which reflects an experience you had at the school or at the graduation ceremony.


Not quite like themes, and a little bit more advanced than simple colors, you can make your graduation album using patterns which you associated with your educational experience. This could be something like a corduroy cover for the book, which reflects the clothes you had to wear, or even a camouflage outfit which reflects outside occupations.

You should not overlook the materials you use when making the photo album. Have fun and be creative!

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