Unique Ideas for Holiday Photos

Great holiday photos will capture the excitement and anticipation of the holiday season. Whether this is through the excitement on a child's face while waiting for Santa, or through a group dressed up for a Halloween theme party, the perfect photo can bring back these feelings for years to come. Here are some crafty ideas for capturing holiday photos that will be cherished.

Outdoor Photos

Capturing photos outdoors for the holidays is a great way to show the changing seasons. A snowy yard can make the perfect backdrop for a Christmas photo. A maple tree with brightly colored leaves can be perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving. A sunny spring morning will make great Easter photos. No matter what holiday, the great outdoors can offer a beautiful backdrop.

  • During the winter holidays, gather the family outside and capture a photo of dad bringing in a Christmas tree, with children tagging along behind him excitedly.
  • Get an elevated photo of children making snow-angels. This can be done by climbing on to the roof of your house. Use caution with this.
  • For Halloween, capture a candid photo of your children after they've received candy during trick or treating. This will capture the excitement and fun on their faces while in costume.
  • If photography is allowed, snap a few pictures of adults during a haunted hayride.

Indoor Photos

Sometimes it's just not feasible to take photos outdoors. Many holiday parties take place indoors, and taking photos to capture the event will need to be done inside. There are still several things that can be done to capture great holiday photos while enjoying the comfort of the indoors.

  • Have your children stand at the side of a shiny Christmas ornament. Try to capture their faces in the reflection of the ornament. This may take several shots to capture, but can be well worth the effort.
  • Re-create the famous Norman Rockwell painting. Have your children sit at the hearth of a fireplace. One child can excitedly look up the chimney, while the other looks directly at the camera. This photo can be perfect for Christmas cards.
  • Take photos during the decorating phase of a holiday. A child placing the star on top of a tree is always a heartwarming photo. Photos taken while coloring Easter eggs, hanging spider webs for Halloween, or placing any other type of decoration will show the excitement surrounding the holiday.
  • Take a few photos of family members getting ready for a big holiday event. Mom basting the turkey is always a great candid shot.
  • Stage a 'gotcha' moment. A child sneaking a cookie left for Santa, or taking a bite of pumpkin pie before Thanksgiving dinner will create a memorable photograph.

Adding Effects

Unique photos can be created after the fact using programs like Photoshop. 

  • Turn the family in to snowmen or elves using Photoshop. This can be easy by simply imposing the heads or faces from an existing photo on to a photo of snowmen.
  • Add falling snow or leaves for Christmas or fall photos to create a unique picture.

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