Unique Ideas for Birthday Photos

Birthday photos can be found in everyone's scrapbook. They should capture the excitement of the day and bring back fond memories. Most photos of birthday celebrations tend to be candid photos, but there are several things you can do for really unique and memorable photos of this special day. Here are just a few suggestions.

Before the Party

Capturing a few photos before the party is always a good idea. This way the decorations haven't been disturbed, everyone is fresh, and the anticipation is high. 

  • Grab a few photos of the cake and decor before the party starts. This will give you an opportunity to capture the detail that went into the cake and the decorating process.
  • Take a few pics of the adults setting up the decorations. A child's party is just as eventful for the adults involved, and the decorating process is fun for everyone involved.
  • Take a few photos of someone struggling to blow up a balloon. This can be a fun photo to have in your memory book.
  • Take overhead shots of guests as they arrive to the party. If possible, get a group together with the birthday person and take a shot of everyone from a roof. 

During the Party

Candid shots are great, but staged photos can make for fantastic pictures. It's best to try to get the staged photos done at intervals throughout the party. This way the guests don't become annoyed with all the posing and are still able to enjoy the festivities.

  • Get a few shots of the cake from different angles. Everyone gets full shots of their birthday cakes, but try to light the candles and take a couple pictures crouched down angled directly at the candles, or overhead from a nearby table. This will allow you to focus on the flame and create some neat shots.
  • Stage a cake fight. Have a few guests smear cake on the birthday boy or girl, and grab a few shots of the surprise. It's a good idea to have a smaller cake for this so the real birthday cake doesn't end up all over the floor.
  • Have the birthday girl sit on the floor and surround her with all the gifts. You can use balloons and other decorations to fill in the gaps. This can make a great photo, and allows the child to be even more excited about the prospect of opening all the gifts.
  • Throw a gag gift in the mix of presents. Grab a few photos of the confusion or shock on the gift recipient's face. 

After the Party

Once the party winds down, some great photos can be had. Don't assume that because the party is over the fun has to end.

  • Take a few pictures of mom and dad sitting on the ground surrounded by discarded gift wrap and ribbons. The more exhausted they can look for this, the funnier the picture will be.
  • Have the birthday star take a few photos with the family pets wearing the discarded birthday hats. 
  • Take a few shots of the mess left behind. This will serve as a reminder of how great the party was.

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