Unique Ideas for a Maternity Photo Album

Maternity photos can bring new life into a relationship, preserve the memories of pregnancy, and allow a mother to feel closer to her child. While compiling a maternity photo album can contain the normal maternity shots, the tips listed below will help create a lasting photo album that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Go Provocative

Now is not a time to become conservative. With the new curves and glow to the face, a mother may find herself more attractive than ever. Take advantage of this time and have the soon-to-be mom take a few sexy images. These images can be especially attractive to a significant other. It may also help to boost confidence. Take photos in lingerie and have mom show off her growing belly. Keep in mind that a soon to be mother may want the imperfections in her skin to be taken out. Continue to remind her how great she looks to keep her confidence boosted. A mother may also feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but begin to loosen up after she takes several shots.

Get Edgy

Not all shots in a maternity photo album have to be "safe." Take some pictures with high heels on. The clothing does not have to flow over her skin. Something fitted can bring a level of grittiness to the photo. Get some black and white shots to add a unique level to the photo. These are photos that are going to be remembered for years to come, so be sure that the mother does not have any regrets.

Concentrate on Items

Not all photos have to be of the mother. Feel free to take some pictures of items around the house that will have a special meaning for the baby--perhaps a blanket that was knitted by a dear friend or a rattle that has been handed down from several generations. You can also get pictures of just her belly. Remember, these photos are to concentrate on the pregnancy and not just the mother that is being photographed. Anything special that is being kept in the nursery should be photographed. Maybe a stunning, new crib or a rocking chair that will be used for years to come.

Think Outside of the Box

A few ideas to consider are those that are not considered maternity shots. Have the mother stand in front of a sunset while she is in a bikini. The bright sunlight will darken her figure, showing only the portrait of her stomach and body. Think not only of the soon-to-be mother, but also the father. Have him come in on photos to sit beside her and be included in the photos.

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