Understanding Image Zoom Problems

Image Zoom can be used to make certain parts of images much bigger. This can be useful for a number of different reasons. However, there are lots of different problems which can be caused by zooming into images. It's important to learn why this happens and find a way to resolve the problem so that you can take and use high quality photos.

Optical Zoom

Optical Zoom doesn't cause noticeable problems because it uses lenses to enlarge certain parts of the image. Optical zoom can only be used at the time of taking a photo.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom can be used when taking a photo or alternatively when it is loaded onto your computer. The problem with digital zoom is caused because the same sized image is stretched. This makes it look pixelated which can be very problematic. Digital zoom should never be used on your camera; instead wait and crop the image on your PC.

Resolving the Problem

If you plan on concentrating on a certain part of the photo, then you need to take the highest quality photo you can. By photographing in the highest quality mode possible, you will minimize the problems caused by stretching pixels. Also, you should consider using optical zoom where possible instead of always relying on digital zoom.