Travel Photography Tips: Capture Your Vacation with Stunning Results

So you've decided to go and travel, and you want to take great pictures. Now you're just wondering how you're going to capture those amazing sites you see. You want to get the most amazing response from those viewing your pictures--or possibly buying them. No worries, after reading this you'll know how to do it all in no time. Follow the guidelines below to capture your vacation in the best light possible.


  • Camera (film or digital)
  • Double A Batteries (depending on what camera you brought)
  • Flash (camera option on/off depends on environment)
  • Great light
  • SD card (if you’re using a digital camera)


  1. Camera

    It doesn't matter which type of camera you decide to bring. Whether it is a digital or a film camera, both will get the job done; however, I would recommend bringing a digital camera because you can then upload your pictures quickly instead of waiting.

  2. Batteries

    If you did bring a camera that uses film though with you, then you will need double A batteries or even triple A batteries (it depends on the camera brand) If you did bring a digital camera, then just make sure your battery is charged before you start shooting your fantastic photos.

  3. Flash

    This really depends on what the lighting is like in the area you are taking the photo.  If you are outdoors and the sun is shining, you don't really need flash because the sun is your natural light. If you are in a dark area such as outdoors at night or inside a night club setting, then you may need to use flash. One way to determine if the flash is needed is to take two test shots, one with flash, and one without flash, and whichever one comes out clearer is the one you use.

  4. Great Light

    As noted above, the sun is the best lighting you can ever have when it comes to photos. A place that has bright light, but not so much light that you see the white noise in the background more than you see the subject, is the best lighting situation.

  5. SD Card

    If you brought a digital camera with you on your vacation, then you already know you need an SD card to use your camera (not in all cases, though) After you take your photos, they will be on the SD card. If you brought your laptop or if there is a computer around that takes SD cards, all you do is slip the SD card out of its slot, slip it into the computer, and transfer your photos or print them out.