Travel Photography: The Middle East

Travel photography is a wonderful career for anyone interested in photography and who also enjoys traveling. This job will be able to take you all around the world taking photos of many different things that you often wouldn't see at home. You get to immerse yourself in different cultures and find out how different people live.

When traveling to these different parts of the world you will need to take a look at the different conditions. They require different lighting and filters to take great photos in these areas. When visiting the Middle East for example you will need to know when is best to take the photos and how you can improve them.

Step 1: Taking the Right Equipment

Going on a travel photography trip can be very exciting but you must ensure that you remember to take everything you need with you. You should ideally make a list of everything that you should take with you so that there's little chance of you forgetting anything important. You need to take your camera, memory cards, lenses, batteries and battery charger. It might also be useful to take your laptop computer with you so that you can edit the photos before you get home and hopefully start earning money from them sooner.

The equipment that you need to take will be virtually the same for all around the world. However, you will need to take different lenses depending on the type of photographs that you want to take. If you want to take photos of middle eastern people for example then a standard lens will be fine. If you're photographing birds and wildlife then a telephoto lens might be necessary to avoid scaring them away.

Step 2: Taking Photographs of People

When traveling, one of the most important and interesting things to take photos of is people. Foreign people are very exciting to capture on film because you get to learn a bit about their life and culture. When you are photographing people you should respect their wishes and ask permission.

As a general rule of thumb, always ask permission if someone is the main subject of your photo. That means if you are taking a photo of just that one person then you should ask permission. However, if you are photographing a street scene with lots of people then it's probably not an issue. If you want to sell the photos then you should get written permission.

Step 3: Learning the Language

The middle east is a large part of the world, but the most commonly spoken language is Arabic. It's worth trying to learn a few words and phrases. This will make it much easier to ask permission to take photos and it will also make it easy if you get list. Asking for directions to some of the major tourist sights can be very helpful.

Step 4: Photographing Modern City Life

The middle east is much more than just a desert. Countries like Dubai are some of the richest on the planet and this means that the buildings in the cities are stunning. When visiting Dubai there are plenty of things that you can enjoy photographing.