Travel Photography: The Atlantic

Anyone who enjoys photography might find it easy to make a living by using travel photography. This is an enjoyable career because it allows you to travel all around the world taking fantastic photos of things that you wouldn't find at home. When visiting each of these areas of the world you will need to bear a few things in mind. The shooting conditions and the light in each of these areas will be different which means you need to be careful.

When visiting the Atlantic for example you need to ensure that your camera is set up correctly to ensure that your images are captured properly and that they are a high quality.

Step 1: Knowing What to Take

When visiting the Atlantic you will be many miles away from home. That means that it's even more important than normal to ensure that you have everything you need with you. You will obviously want to take your camera, but you will need a selection of lenses, memory cards, batteries and battery chargers. You may also want to take your laptop computer with you to speed up editing and make it much faster to start earning money from your photos. Write a list of everything that you should take with you and this should make it much easier to remember everything without forgetting anything too important.

The Atlantic is the world's second largest ocean and this makes it a great place to visit to see marine life. If you want to try to capture marine life on film then you should try to visit here.

Step 2: Camera Equipment

When choosing the camera equipment that you want to use, it is vital that you choose durable tools which will last throughout your trip. As you will be out at sea for most of your trip it's important to take waterproof or at the very least weatherproof equipment with you. You will also need to avoid changing the memory cards outdoors because this could expose your camera to risk. Instead go inside to change memory cards and batteries.

Step 3: Shooting Photos

There are so many different things to shoot in the Atlantic Ocean that you will need several different lenses. Photographing birds and sea life will require a different type of lens. That's why it's probably better for you to take two cameras with you and fit different lenses on each.

Step 4: Taking Photos of People

If you ever visit any of the countries around the Atlantic ocean then you will be able to take photographs of people. You must be polite and patient when photographing people. Instead of just shooting photos of them without asking you should at least try to ask. This will make them feel much more important and much more willing to oblige you rather than just walking off. You could also offer them a free print of the photo once you get it developed.

When you've taken photos of them show them on the screen. Then shake their hand and be polite. If you are somewhere that does not speak English then at least try to learn a little bit of the language.