Traditional Features of High School Portraits

High school portraits are typically more formal than elementary school photos. The basics are pretty much the same across the board. Here are a few things to note about traditional high school pictures.


A traditional high school portrait won't have a cluttered background. It's most common to see a simple background. Plain colors are used in most cases. This allows the focal point to be the student, without a distracting background.

Formal Poses

Most high school portrait packages will include several poses to choose from. The majority of these will be more formal poses, focusing on the students face. This is to showcase how much the student has grown, and to celebrate her impending adulthood.

Activity Poses

If the high school student is involved in any extra-curricular activities, many packages will include a few shots that showcase this. A football player may have a photo or two taken with his uniform on. A sports star may take a photo wearing a letterman's jacket. Those involved in other clubs may have a few group photos taken as well.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: