Tips for Taking the Best Chirstmas Photos for Christmas Cards

The holiday season is a fun and festive time, and taking Christmas photos is always at the forefront of preserving those memories. In the midst of the yuletide season, you have to think about taking Christmas photos to create the perfect Christmas card. If you decide to make your own cards instead of purchasing store-made ones, you'd want your Christmas photos to be extra special. Here are some tips for taking great Christmas pictures for use in your Christmas cards.

Know Your Card

Before you embark on holiday photography, know what format of Christmas cards you want to use. Are you planning to give away a postcard type? Is it going to be a calendar type with more than one picture? Or maybe a simple two-fold card with a nice Christmas photo on the cover. Knowing your card type will give you an idea on the type of photo you want to take, and the number of pictures you will be using.

Plan Your Subject

You can of course just take your camera with you and start shooting around town, hoping you'd capture that perfect moment for use in your card. However, a little preparation goes a long way. You can take pictures of your family in a festive mood. You can opt for posed pictures with them, or take candid shots while doing some Holiday preparations. If not your family, then maybe you can have someone dress up as Santa. You can also opt to take pictures of inanimate subjects. A Christmas table setting and feast is a good Christmas card cover, or macro shots of Christmas decorations such as stars, candles and Christmas balls. Plan ahead and think of what you want the central focus of your Christmas card to be.

Choose a Location

Your creativity should come into play by now. Once you've decided on a subject, you have to choose and set up your location. If you opt to have your family pictures taken by the fireplace, make sure you set it up to look festive. If taking macro shots of your Holiday decorations is your focus, prepare the area for them. Remember that the background plays a crucial role. Look at the foreground and background of your subject and ensure that everything is set according to your Christmas theme.  

Light It Right

All your planning and preparation will be laid to waste if your subject is not well lit. Here is when the technical aspect comes into focus. You can opt to use natural light if you're taking pictures outdoors or by a big window. Your indoor home lighting might also suffice. If you don't have ample light, you can plan to use your flash, or bounce the flash for a more diffused lighting. Make necessary adjustments also with your ISO, aperture and shutter speed so you can capture that ideal, dramatic Christmas photo.

Play Around

Once you're ready to take your picture, don't be trapped with a single frame in mind. Be more dynamic during your shooting session. You can opt to zoom in and take macro shots of your subject, snap on a fish eye lens, shoot from a different angle and more. This will give you more choices for your Christmas card afterward.

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