Tips for Taking College Graduation Photos

When taking college graduation photos, it's important to do your best to make them as special and memorable as possible. Although you might be familiar with taking graduation photos at different ages, children who have just graduated college normally want to be treated slightly differently.

Treat Costumers Like Adults

A college student wants to be treated like an adult. You should never try to treat them like children because this will simply upset them and make them less likely to comply with your requests.

Take Lots of Photos

Although college aged children will be able to pose, it's important to take lots of photos. This will make it much easier to capture the best shot and is even more important if you are taking group photos.

Candid Shots

Although the posed graduation photos will be some of the most popular types of photography, you shouldn't ignore candid photography. Taking candid shots can help to document the special day and will also be much more memorable than posed photos. Take photos which document the whole graduation event so that they will be able to remember this day forever.

Hopefully if all goes well, then you should be able to easily take some great college graduation photos which will be remembered and treasured forever.

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