The Importance of Color and White Balance for Rainforest Photos

Rainforest photos look beautiful, as this land is a cradle for thousands of different plant species to grow. This presents areas that are highly saturated in many different colors--the right recipe for beautiful photos. But, the only way you're going to capture it right is with a proper white balance.

Understanding Light and White Balance

Light comes in all different colors. Daylight is blue and light bulbs are orange. By setting a white balance, you let the camera know what color to accept as white, and then it bases the rest of the colors on that white. In an environment like a rain forest, you may find yourself having to constantly reset the white balance because the amount of day light penetrating through the canopy varies. One area might be flooded with light and look blue through the viewfinder, while other areas will look like night.

As you become more advanced, you can use white balances to make your photos appear warmer (orange) or cooler (blue). This can give an artistic feel to your work. But, do this sparingly because if it's overused, you'll go from being an artist to an amateur. Also, the rain forest is a beautiful natural creation full of vibrant colors. Capture it in its true glory.

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