The Importance of Cable Release in Photography

A cable release can be used to remotely control the shutter of the camera. This makes it possible to take a photo without having to hold or touch the camera. This has a number of advantages which is why cable releases are so popular.

Reducing Camera Shake

By using a cable release you don't have to physically touch the camera. One common cause of camera shake when taking photos is caused by pressing the shutter button on the camera. By using a cable release, it is simple to take a photo without touching the button and risking causing this shake.

Other Devices

There are also a number of other remote controls which can be used with some cameras. These include infrared remote controls. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, the cable release is still normally the best. Cable releases are fairly simple mechanical mechanisms which should mean that there's very little that can go wrong.

It's actually very easy for camera manufacturers to drill the hole which is used by a cable release. However, many modern cameras are missing this because camera manufacturers are looking to find a way to increase their profit margins. If your camera is compatible with a cable release, then you will be able to use any one which is the right size.