The Benefits of a Remote Shutter for Digital Nature Photography

Digital nature photography is not suited for being a group activity. Most animals are afraid of humans, after all, we're at the top of the food chain. No matter how far you venture into the wilderness, if you make yourself known then you will be avoided. Great care and patience is needed in order to make yourself seem invisible. There are also things that you as the photographer can do to make sure you get great wildlife photos. One of these is using the remote shutter.

You Can Hide Yourself

Animals care more about you than your camera. A remote shutter allows you to set up a shot and hide out of view. Use some food as bait to draw wildlife to your lens. Once it enters your frame you can snap away while being unseen just by pressing a button. This is especially great when shooting small animals that run away at the first sign of a human. The downside to shooting like this is that you can't move the lens to get the frame you want. You could get a shot of bunny ears without the bunny.

You Won't Jerk the Camera

Being a wildlife photographer is like being a hunter. You have to be silent and make yourself hidden. Some of the tricks we use are telephoto and zoom lenses. These lenses allow you to see a close up of something father away. This is great but if your camera is a little shaky you're going to notice it in big ways. The slightest jerk of the camera when hitting the shutter can make you end up with a completely different photo than the one you framed. A remote shutter eliminates the problem by keeping the camera absolutely still as the shutter gets released.

The Camera Can Go Where You Cannot

A huge benefit of remote shutter is the ability to place the camera in areas that you can't go. There might not be enough room in a tight space for both you and the camera. But you can place just the camera there and release the shutter with your remote. This is also great for situations where you might be in danger.

Not all cameras are built to be equipped with a remote shutter. If you're buying a camera and a serious about nature photography then pick one that is compatible with a remote shutter. If you already own a camera then check with your manufacturer to see if there is a remote shutter you can buy.

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