Ten Cute Prop Ideas for Pet Portraits

Some owners love their pets just like children, and want to treat them that way. Because of this, pet portraits are becoming increasingly popular in the world of photography, with a few professionals maintaining a comfortable lifestyle through it. If you're looking to break into the pet photography business, then here are ten cute prop ideas for pet portraits.

1. Bunny Ears

Fake bunny ears attached to a headband make any animal look cute. This is especially great when someone owns a rabbit and a cat or dog, and wants to photograph the two together.

2. An American Flag

It's not really a prop, but having your dog photographed with an American flag expresses patriotism. These photos are especially great with Labrador retrievers, the quintessential American dog.

3. A Ball of Yarn

When photographing cats, especially kittens, a ball of yarn is a cute item to pose them with. It's guaranteed to make people go "awwwww."

4. Pillows

Show that the pet is pampered by photographing it on a nice fluffy photo that communicates "life is good."

5. A Nice Chair

An expensive-looking, comfortable chair for the pet to sit on is an alternative way to communicate that it lives a very comfortable and pampered life style.

6. A Frisbee

A favorite pastime for dog owners is a nice game of Frisbee with their pet. Immortalize those experiences with a photo of the dog holding a frisbee in its mouth.  This is something the owner will always smile at for years to come.  A ball would be another appropriate prop for these kinds of photos, but the frisbee is larger and more visually appealing. 

7. Shoes

Puppies, and especially kittens, are so small when they're born. A very cute way to demonstrate this is to place the pet in a shoe. Seeing how small the pet is compared to the shoe will always bring happy memories to the owner as the pet grows up and gets bigger. These photos work best for kittens or puppies of small dog breeds. 

8. Sun Glasses

Glasses are for people, which means that it is always cute for a pet to wear them. Especially if they're a little too big for them. 

9. Baskets

Small baskets are very cute for placing puppies and kittens in. It also works for rabbits of any age. 

10. Hats 

Hats are another one of those people things that looks cute on animals, especially dogs. Placing the hat on the animal might be difficult, but you just need it to stay on long enough to snap the picture.

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