Taking Pictures in the Rain

Taking pictures in the rain can create some very interesting results. By taking these photographs in the rain, you can capture some unique types of photos. However, the problem with taking photos in the rain is looking after your equipment. Cameras really do not like getting wet, which is why they will need to be protected whenever you are taking photos in the rain.

Using a Camera Bag

The first thing that you should do is invest in a camera bag which is waterproof. While this won't make it possible to use your camera in the rain, it makes it possible to protect it. An all-weather camera bag will provide you with somewhere safe to store spare lenses and memory cards until they are required. This is an essential piece of equipment for anyone interested in photographing in the rain.

All of these will be more expensive than a regular camera bag. However, they are certainly worth the investment because they will protect your expensive photography equipment. They will also keep your photos safe when they are on the memory cards.

Rain Covers

There are plenty of professional rain covers available. These can be very expensive and might not be something that you can justify buying. Instead, you could consider making your own. It's possible to make your very own rain cover with something simple such as a zip lock bag. Anything which is plastic will prevent water from damaging your precious camera.

Using an Umbrella

Use a clamp attached to your tripod or monopod to hold an umbrella. This will prevent rain from damaging the camera by providing some much needed shelter.