Take Birthday Photos fom a Childs Perspective

There are photography techniques to follow when taking birthday photos from a child's perspective. A key technique is to take photos at the eye level of a child.

If photos are taken from an adult standing position, your pictures will be from an angle looking down on the scene. This is okay for a few photos, however, the majority should be at a child's eye level. Your photos will capture what they are seeing and experiencing.

Adjust Camera Settings

Many digital cameras may also have automatic settings for particular lighting situations, such as for interiors or for outdoors. Prior to the party, try different settings to find the best one to use for the party based on its location and available lighting. If your camera does not have automatic settings, you will need to adjust the white balance settings. Directions to do so will be available in your camera's owner's manual.

In addition to the white balance, use the appropriate flash setting for your party's location. Most digital cameras offer a variety of flash settings which are described in your owner's manual. When shooting inside, you may need to use extra lighting. Make sure to test different flash settings and lighting options prior to the party to find the right one.

Setting the Scene

To set the scene, take photos prior to guest's arrival that show party details such as the cake, presents and other decorations. These photos will blend well in a scrapbook with candid shots from the party.

Planned Photos

Plan some of your shots to capture particular moments of the party such as arrivals, cake cutting or opening of presents. Other planned shots can include a shot of all of the attendees. Depending on the number of people, consider using a wide angle lens to shoot the group.

Vary Your Shots

Take candid photos that show action and interaction of both children and adults during the party's activities. Some photos should be taken from the peripheral of the party, while others should be from within the party.

Photos that are taken from different focal lengths and shooting angles will add variety to your shots. These can be done by taking wide angle shots of the party, as well as close up shots using a zoom. To capture an overview of the party, take photos from a higher angle by standing on a chair.

Continuous Shooting

Children at birthday parties are very active. To capture their motion and impart the energy of the party, you will need to take your shots in quick succession. This can be accomplished by using a continuous shooting setting on your digital camera. This allows for the most shots within the shortest amount of time to lessen the chance of missing an important shot.

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