Studio Portrait Photography Tips for Hand Poses

When it comes to studio portrait photography, photographers have greater control on how the final image will appear. The photographer can alter the background and lighting conditions, have better access to equipment and even change the way the model poses for the camera. Changing the hand poses is more specific, but the attention to detail can enhance the overall look of the image. The following are a few tips for photographers when it comes to hand poses for models.

General Positioning of the Hands

The position of the model’s hand and fingers should appear as natural as possible. Bend the fingers at all of the joints, showing the edges of the fingers. However, care should be taken that the fingers do not directly face the lens of the camera. The aim is not to make the surface of the hands look flat and rigid. Do not intertwine the fingers.

The Hands in Relation to Other Parts of the Body

When it comes to positioning the head on the arm, make sure that the hands are facing in opposite diagonal directions to each other. Never make the head of the model rest on top of a fist.

Male and Female Hand Poses

The poses for the hands varies slightly depending on the gender. With male models, the hands should appear slightly closed, while female models should keep their hands open.