Studio Portrait Photography: Model Problems

Studio portrait photography gives photographers greater control of how the subject would appear on film. A studio also gives the photographer access to all of the available and necessary equipment for the shoot. With photographing models and people, the challenge is to remove any imperfections. The following are some of the more common problems and how to work around them.

Shape of the Face

Models with a rounder face should not face the camera directly, but at a slight angle. Other techniques involve using short lighting or tilting the camera slightly higher. For models that have a thin face, they should face the camera straight on.

Wrinkles, Blemishes and Scars

Soft light directed towards the front of the face of the model can be used to eliminate the shadows caused by wrinkles and deep lines. For blemishes and scars, reposition the model or the light to add shadows to the problematic areas.

Size of the Nose and Ears

For models that have large ears or noses, reposition the subject to face at a slight angle from the camera. Models that have small ears should directly face the camera.

Multiple Chins

Elongate the neck and lean the head towards camera in order to remove or reduce the amount of multiple chins.

Wearing Eye-Glasses

One technique involves removing the lenses. An alternative is to reposition the lights to avoid any reflections of light casting on the glass.