Stretched Canvas Prints VS. Rolled Canvas Prints

Tradition and modern technology have met to bring you an exclusive creation – a hybrid of photographs and canvas, turning your work into true artwork with stretched canvas prints. Much longer life, the perfect look and a chance to enjoy your favorite pictures or paintings scanned, printed and displayed in your home or given as a gift, make this technology an exciting invention to take advantage of. There are two types of canvas print, rolled or stretched and each of them has pros and cons.

What is Stretched and What is Rolled Canvas?

All canvas prints are stretched, in order to be displayed. A rolled canvas print is a normal print before it is stretched over a “stretcher bar” - a thin wooden frame, to which the canvas is stapled to. Then, it may be framed or just left as it is with the stretcher bar with a basic, exhibition-like look. The main difference is that purchasing a rolled canvas print means you have to stretch it yourself, which is what most people like to do.

Why Would you Prefer a Rolled Canvas Print?

First reason is because it is cheaper. You receive your artwork in the form of a roll and take care of the stretching and framing yourself. If you are planning to purchase online, keep in mind that shippers are not always delicate and a stretcher bar is dainty. A third reason to think of is that it is better for canvas when the stretcher is also a framer, if you plan on framing your artwork.

Why Would You Prefer a Stretched Canvas Print?

When the printing company that has produced your print stretches it, chances are lower that the paint will get damaged, compared to if you decide to do it yourself or find a cheaper stretcher. There are differences in the quality of the image as well. Stretched prints have more perfection, images are brighter and sharper. They are also better than rolled prints when speaking about sizes and dimensions. Stretched prints are less likely to be vulnerable to dust and damages.