Simulating a Candid Photography Pose

Candid photography is all about capturing natural moments rather than staged shots. For example, paparazzi shots of Angelina Jollie at the beach fall under the category of candid photography, but the cover shot of her on a fashion magazine does not. So when you want to shoot your own simulated shots that look like candid photography, you need to capture your subject in the right pose in order to sell it.

Avoid Looking at the Camera

The best way to sell the idea that the subject isn't posing for the camera is to have her avoid eye contact with the lens. This will create the impression that she isn't aware that the camera is there photographing her. 

Perform an Action

When the subject is performing an action, it creates an impression that she is not posing for the camera. This action can be anything from sitting down with a cup of coffee to walking her dog down the street.


Candid photography is all about capturing life as it is. Have your subjects dress naturally without more make up then they normally will wear.

The Atmosphere

Create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere so that they're posing as themselves. Make them forget that the camera is there.