Setting Up a Fashion Photography Exhibit

Draw attention to your work by setting up a fashion photography exhibit. It is important to remember, without organization, careful choice of venue, and proper execution, your audience may quickly lose interest in your exhibition. A good fashion photographer must have a well planned and intelligently designed exhibit to successfully expose their work to the public.

Details: Planning Your Exhibit

First, sit down and come up with a plan for your exhibit. Think about the location, setting, and the color scheme of the exhibit. Photography exhibition layouts are comparable to exhibitions in an art gallery. The room should be spacious and plain with very little visual distractions. The lighting, both natural and projected, is very important as well. Plan to have your photographs posted against a solid white background. Calculate a specific area of vertical space, and consider building partition walls.

Design multiple floor plans based on how much space you require and how you would like to display your work. Your plan must insure that your work will stand out effectively and help the viewer understand your style and themes. Most importantly, you must consider the overall expense of your exhibition including publicity and advertising. It is imperative to determine the selling price of each photograph while taking careful account of your total investment. Finally, set a reasonable date for the exhibition which give you plenty of time to build the event carefully.

Venue: Picking the Proper Location

Once you have determined the number of pieces you will feature in the exhibit, picking the proper venue to host your work is crucial. The venue's setting should be simple, have a neutral color scheme, and be configured with the right amount of lighting. This will insure that your audience clearly appreciates your work and its quality.

Once you have picked a venue, take some time to walk through the space, visit other exhibitions hosted by the venue, and finalize a design based on your original plan. Depending on the results of your random sampling, you may determine that more changes are needed to effectively prompt the right response from your audience.

Installation: Making Your Exhibition Happen

It is important to establish a method of transportation for your photographs and their specific displays before getting too close to the exhibition date. Insure that your work is packed carefully and can be transported safely from your studio or home to the venue without issue. Also, if you require assistance to set up your exhibit, choose individuals who are familiar with your plan and will handle your work properly. This will save time during your installation and will limit the amount of issues you may encounter opening night.

Next, design posters and pamphlets to promote the event clearly providing the entrance fee, and any additional information about the exhibit. Finally, consider contacting local media outlets including radio and television who may periodically feature local artists in their programming. When opening night arrives, enjoy the fruit of your labor and those who appreciate your creativity.

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