School Portraits in Untraditional Formats: Making Extra Profit

School portraits can be a very profitable business for any photographer to get into. Anyone looking for a way to make extra money might be interested in offering different formats of prints to increase their business. There are many different unconventional formats which might be popular.

Poster Sized Prints

One popular type of print is a poster sized print. Poster sized prints are large formatted photographs which can be stuck on walls. These are great for decorating bedrooms and other types of room.

Canvas Prints

Most of the normal types of prints will be using glossy and matte photo paper. However, canvas prints are also popular. These prints are prepared using a stretched canvas. They can then be framed and hung on a wall. Canvas prints are higher quality than other types of prints and look like other professionally printed large formatted photographs.

Wrapping Paper

Creating wrapping paper from school photographs is very easy using a computer. Wrapping paper is extremely popular and can be very profitable.


Printing school portraits onto mugs is also simple. As long as you have the correct equipment, pictures can be printed and fixed onto mugs easily. These are also extremely popular, as they are something that most people use every day.

By offering unconventional formats to your customers, you will be able to increase the number of sales you can achieve.

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