School Portrait Model Wardrobe Selection: Tips to Give

The model wardrobe with a school portrait is very important. You will want to be able to have not only you but your child be very proud of the picture that was taken. They will be able to benefit from tips that will help their pictures to look their best. With the right outfit all they will have to do is smile and allow the photographer to do the rest.

No Text

Having text on the shirt of the child is going to be distracting. You will want to be sure that they are wearing a shirt that does not have any writing. Nothing more than a name brand if they wish to have that. A shirt that has a saying or a sentence on it is usually cut off in the picture. This takes away from the child's face and focuses the attention on what it was the shirt was saying. There is also a pretty good chance that your child is going to tire of this shirt soon and will not want to see it all of the time in a school portrait that you will have put up on the fridge or the wall of your home.


If your child must wear a shirt with print, make sure that it is not an overwhelming print. You do not want the print to be the main focus of the picture. Make sure that if the shirt does have print that it is something that is tasteful. You have to be very careful with the print as it is something that can take quite a bit from the picture.


Make sure that the fit of the clothes that the child is wearing is something that they are comfortable with. You do not want the child having to pull and twist and turn in the picture. The child will not take a good picture if they are not comfortable in the clothes that they are wearing. You will need to have the clothes not be too big or too small. If it is a shirt that moves around too much or is made of a material that is not comfortable then it will not make for a good picture. Look for clothes that fit well and are comfortable for the child. This is the best way to get a memorable picture.


You want the picture to be memorable, but in a good way. You will find that there are several different things that you can do to do this. Make sure that the clothes that they wear are not going to be too boring but are practical as well. They will need to not fade into the background but not take over the child and the entire picture. Take your child shopping ahead of time or have them help you to pick out their favorite outfit so that they will also be happy with the picture. School picture day can be a very stressful day for a kid that is why it's important to have them look good and be comfortable.

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