Rejecting School Portraits in Favor of Your Own

Companies that provide school portraits have recently created a fairly new tactic to sell their prints. They will send the entire package of prints home with your child, even if you haven't ordered them.

Problems with School Portraits

Sometimes school portraits look like there were staged. They sometimes don't look very good. You might be able to get better results yourself, using your digital camera.

If the photos don't look great, then there's no reason why you should feel forced into buying them. They are expensive, and if they're not perfect, then they simply aren't worth the money.

Better Results

With your digital camera, you can take much more natural photos, rather than photographs with a forced smile. You can also take lots of different photos of your child. What's more is that they won't cost you anything. Once you have decided which one you want to print out, you can then order the prints.

Don't feel pressured to purchase pictures from a school portrait company! With a little creativity and the right digital camera, you can take amazing photos of your school-aged child on your own.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: