Recording a Voiceover in Adobe Premiere

One thing that everyone is keen on when making videos is recording voiceover audio tracks. Recording voiceover audio can also be used to add to a YouTube video, or similar videos of that nature, all of which can be done using the Adobe Premiere range of software. If you want to get the best from your voiceover, then the ideal way of doing this is to use the Audio mixer on Adobe to record your voiceover straight onto the track, rather than having to dub it in later.

Materials Needed

  • Adobe Premiere software package
  • Computer
  • Media file

Step 1: Load the File

Before you begin to record the voiceover, you will need to upload your computer file onto it. Play the movie, and make a note of where you want the voiceover to begin and end. You may want to add chapter markers at these points in order to remind yourself of where the voiceover recording should go when you have finished editing it.

Step 2: Prepare the Voiceover

Once your file is ready, you will need to connect your microphone to the computer port, and make sure that your Adobe systems recognizes it. Play the sequence in which you want to record the audio. You may wish to allow it to play once or twice before you begin recording. Open the file, and choose Sequence. In the dropdown box, click Add Tracks. You will then be offered a box with an audio track listing. Name the Track 1. Select mono for the track.

Step 3: Select the Recording Type

Once you have the track prepared, then open up the Record Enable button in your Audio Mixer tab. This looks a little like a microphone. Click this to enable the record functions on your screen. This will prepare the machine for the recording, but will not cause it to begin recording just yet. The Enable button should turn red when you click it. Open up the Audio Mixer tab again, and select Meter Input. This will ensure that the only sounds picked up are you talking into the microphone, rather than incidental traffic or similar. If you don't see a signal in the meter output level, you should check that your microphone is working, and that the software still recognizes it. You may click on Audio hardware in Preferences to configure it.

Step 4: Record the Voiceover

Play the track again, from a few seconds before you wish to start speaking. Press the record button on the screen when you are ready, and record the sound of your voice as you commentate upon the features of the movie. The record button should be illuminated. Once you have finished speaking, press the stop button on the window; your voiceover will appear as an audio clip in the Project window.

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