Reasons to Take Your Own School Portraits

Taking your own school photographs have many benefits. They can also be fairly simple to take. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider taking your own portraits.


Taking your own portraits is cheaper by far than having them done by a professional. You don't have to pay a sitting fee and you can order as many prints as you want without having to worry about cost restraints. 


While school portraits will generally offer several backgrounds when taken at the school, you don't have a large choice. When you take your own, you can choose to change up the location to get a greater variety of photographs. You can take photos in front of the school, at the playground or in a favorite park. The natural setting also allows for a more comfortable experience for the student.


When you choose to take your own school portraits, you will have complete control over the posing. When a professional photographer takes these portraits, you are constrained by what they see and what their visions are. When you take them, you can have your child sit, stand, lean against a tree or any other pose you think will come across well in the photo.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: