Pros and Cons of Macro Zoom Lenses

Macro photography refers to close up images of small objects where the size of the image is approximately the same as it is in real life. Macro photography is achieved with macro lenses. These allow us to get very close to the subject while maintaining a shallow depth of field.

Macro zoom lenses are not true macro lenses. They're inexpensive lenses designed to give photographers the ability to take macro photos without having to buy expensive macro lenses. These are great for amateur and beginning photographers who want to feed their interest before investing a lot of money into their new craft.

The quality of an image taken with a macro zoom lenses is not equal to the quality of an image taken with a true macro lens. Most professionals will not recommend buying a macro zoom lens if you're hoping to pursue an interest in macro photography. They're said to not produce any more significant magnification than that given with a 50mm lenses. Many also say these lenses should be avoided because of poor image quality. 

Since the majority of lenses cost over $150 it might be wiser to just spend the extra money and get a standard macro lens. This way you can pursue your interest in macro photography while producing high quality images.

Popular Lenses: