Practical Uses of Glamour Photography

Glamour photography is often compared to fashion photography, but each is distinct from the other. With fashion photography, there is pressure to look thin, with greater emphasis on the clothing and how it looks on the individual. Glamour or boudoir photography places greater importance on the subject herself.

Photographs of models are taken in sexy or flattering poses and wearing revealing, transparent or little clothing. In earlier times, this type of photography was limited to magazines or pinup posters. The following are several other suggestions for using these types of photographs.

Model Portfolio

For models that are looking for work or interested in broadening their portfolio, a few images taken using this style can help. Models should take extra precautions that the photographer selected is a professional and that the photographs are taken in a tasteful and artistic manner.


Models and subjects that pose for glamour or boudoir photography are usually female. Although no longer limited to models and celebrities, the photographs taken during these sessions can be given as gifts to a boyfriend or husband. A calendar is a practical but creative way of presenting the photographs as a set. It allows the intended receiver to see and remember his wife or girlfriend every day of the year. It is a great gift regardless of the occasion.