Picking the Right Digiscoping Camera

Picking the right digiscoping camera is a crucial decision. When it comes to picking the right digiscoping camera, your main options are compact digital cameras and digital SLR cameras. You are going to pay more for a digital SLR camera because they support interchangeable lenses. If you are a beginner in the digiscoping field, a compact digital camera will be fine. This guideline will go over what to look for when purchasing compact digital cameras and digital SLR cameras.

Compact Digital Cameras

You can get away with using any compact digital camera for digiscoping. However, to prevent vignetting, you should look for a compact digital camera that offers an optical zoom of at least 4 times. To obtain the best digiscope photos, you need to be able to take photos at a rapid pace, so the compact digital camera that you choose should have a remote shutter release of no more than 3 seconds. You will need to use the LCD screen on the camera to focus the camera, so look for a compact digital camera with an LCD screen size of at least 2 inches.

Digital SLR Cameras

If you decide to go with a digital SLR camera for digiscoping, the most important feature is the light sensitivity of the camera. You should be able to obtain crystal clear pictures with an ISO of 1600 if you want to use the digital SLR camera for digiscoping. Digital SLR cameras are known to be heavy, so keep that in mind. You will need to be able to lug your camera into the field, along with your fieldscope and eyepieces, so the weight of the camera matters. If you can afford a digital SLR camera with live view mode, your digiscope photos will surely benefit from it.