Photography Tips: How To Photograph Outside in the Spring

There are millions of photography tips which can make your photographs look much more professional. If you want to take photos outside during the spring, then you will need to learn some basic tips which will make it much easier. Spring offers a number of different challenges for anyone taking photos. The light at this time of year is very bright, and this can make the photos washed out.

Step 1: Deciding What to Photograph

The first thing that you need to do is spend time deciding what it is you are going to photograph. Spring is a beautiful time of the year with lots of wonderful plants growing. There is also an abundance of wildlife hopping, flying and running round open spaces. There are lots of things to see which will instantly make you know that it's summer. By recording some of these in your pictures, it will be much easier to capture the essence of spring.

To decide what it is you want to photograph, you should relax and take a stroll around the area. Note down anything of interest that you would like to take photos of. Even concentrate on small things that you might otherwise miss. You could always photograph these with a macro lens if you wish. Some tiny animals and insects, for example, would make a nice feature in your pictures.

Step 2: Planning the Photograph

During spring the weather should be getting warmer, but there is still a chance of rain. You will need to plan when to take the photos around the weather and time. It's important to have enough light so that you can take a great photograph. The lighting during the spring is very important. If you are taking a portrait, then you could use the fill in flash or additional lighting to even out the colors and light in a photo.

Taking a photo at different times of the day during the spring can create some very different results. For example, taking a photo during twilight can create something very special and interesting. You might also like to try to capture a spring storm just after or before a storm hits. This is when the sky will look the most impressive.

Step 3: Early Morning Photographs

Spring is a great time of the year to take photos early in the morning. You should try to get up early to get the most out of the day. Try to get there 30 minutes before the sun rises, as this will ensure that you will be set up and ready. It should be easy to take photos of a spring morning at this time.

Step 4: Editing Photographs

Once you have taken the photographs, you should then download them onto your computer by connecting it with USB. Use Photoshop or another application to edit and make any adjustments to your photographs. These applications can help to restore the color balance in a photo.