Photography Tips: Giving Space to Look Into for Your Subject

There are so many different photography tips, that learning them all would take a lifetime. If you are serious about taking high quality photographs, then you will need to find a way to make your photos look professional. To accomplish this, it's a matter of learning as many tips as possible. Although it sounds like a good idea to create a photograph with the subject looking straight on at you, this isn't necessarily the best idea.

Another possibility is that you give your subject space to look into and take a photo of them. This creates a sense that they are looking at something else rather than being posed for a photograph. This can also make your photographs look much more natural and not like they are staged. Eye contact is something that is very important, and it's especially important in photographs. If you don't give your model space to look into, then the photograph will often look strange even though many people won't be able to tell you why it looks strange.

Step 1: Positioning

The first thing that you should do is design the composition of your shot. Most amateurs will always position the face of the model right in the center of the shot. This seems like a good idea since it promotes good eye contact. However, you should never take professional photos like this.

Whenever you take a photo of somebody's face, you shouldn't position it in the center. Instead, you can make the photo look much more interesting by locating it at the top, middle, left, right or bottom of the photo. The composition should be intriguing and help to draw people in.

Step 2: Using the Rule of Thirds

If you are struggling with your composition, then you can try using the rule of thirds. This is a useful photographic principle which works by splitting the picture into three segments. Placing the subject in the left or right segments will probably work better than positioning it right in the middle.

Step 3: Creating Space

Creating a space for your models to look into makes the photos look even more intriguing. This makes the photo mysterious. The key to a good photograph is that it is capable of captivating your audience for a short while. With a head on shot, it's unlikely to do this. If you get your subjects to look somewhere else just out of shot, then the audience will be curious and want to know what they are looking for.

If you look at a photo like this, you will be amazed to find out how quickly your curiosity manages to occupy your mind. You will then really enjoy the photo even though you might not understand why.

Step 4: Allowing Extra Space

When your models are looking in a certain direction, you should allow some extra space at the edge of the photo. This will make the photo much easier to look at and also mean that it's much less confusing.

By giving your subject space to look into, it should be much easier to create interesting photographs which grab a person's attention.