Photography Tips: Getting Photos Noticed

Amateur photographers are often eager to have their work noticed, but a few photography tips may help them manage the transition from unknown to renowned photographer. When beginning to publish your photographs for general notice, there are a few things that you can do to grab the attention of magazines and agencies.

Step 1 - Be Creative

The first thing that you will need to do to get your photos noticed is to develop your own style and dynamic. There are many photographers vying for the attention of clients and agents, so you have to stick your neck out and make the photograph your own. Unless you are trying to get noticed by a stock photography agent, try to avoid cliches such as beaches and sunsets. Instead, go for humorous or challenging pictures that showcase your talent. Try and make your pictures show a fresh vision or a new perspective, or use innovative methods to take your picture.

Step 2 - Be Good

If you are talented at photography, you may naturally produce perfect pictures. Otherwise, you will have to take photographs that are technically correct: don't under- or overexpose your picture. Technical exposure can be complicated--even for digital cameras--in an area with difficult lighting. A poorly exposed picture will be boring and flat. Concentrate upon getting the right focus, and try and include elements of camera speciality which others might not have.

Step 3 - Appeal to the Emotions

Your picture might be creative and technically good, but unless it produces some response in the breast of the viewer, it may as well be a stick drawing. Try and trigger the emotions in different ways in different photographs: one might be a humorous photo of a little girl hiding behind her teddy bear, the next could be a dramatic shot of a tall mountain, with a bird flying in the sky nearby. These will have an impact on the viewer that will get your pictures noticed.

Step 4 - Be Strong

Be strong in your focus and composition, that is. One of the reasons why people are consistently turned down by businesses and agents is that their compositions lack impact. Learning the simple techniques of camera use, by researching photography tips, for example, will help amateurs. You may even enroll in a college course to help you better understand the implications of composition.

A strong focal point is also essential to the amount of notice a photograph attracts. Keep your pictures down to one element which attracts the eye - but it doesn't have to be the largest option. In the photo of the mountain and bird described above, the sole focus point should be the bird, the mountain is background, while the bird tells people a story and speaks to them. It is the focus of the picture.

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