Photography Marketing Basics

When it comes to photography, marketing is an essential part of the business. The importance of marketing can be compared to planting. A more successful harvest is influenced by the number of seeds planted. It is a game of numbers with a lot of risks. Marketing costs time and money with no assurance that all efforts will pay off. However, more quality efforts are better than a few, which in turn is better than none at all.

Pick a Niche

Select a niche where you can build the business on. There are many types of photography and businesses that offer similar services. What makes your business unique and distinct from the competition? When selecting a target market, determine whether the market is large enough for your business to thrive on. If the niche is too wide, chances are you will have more competition. Making your business stick out will be harder. If the niche is too limited, you will have difficulty finding clients. Strike a balance between the two.

Choose the Right Kind of Clients

A niche or defined market will draw in a specific audience. The type of audience that is targeted by the service can be defined by age, gender, race and a host of other factors. Clients can come in the form of private individuals to larger corporations, each with its own set of pros and cons. Smaller clients tend to be more loyal, using the same photographer for all of their needs. Corporations can come with bigger projects and larger budgets, but there is no assurance that they will select your business for all of their projects. The more projects the corporation has, the more specialist photographers they will need. Regardless of the type, keep producing quality work. It is cheaper to keep your clients than it is to find new ones.

Select a Suitable Marketing Tool

There are several tools available for marketing. The cheapest may involve printing and distributing fliers. Advertisements on television and radio are some of the more expensive options. These days, creating and maintaining a website is a requirement with businesses. It is a faster, more enduring way of advertising the company. Update content by posting samples of existing projects. This way, more people will see your work.

Determine the Rate

The rate can at times be the determining factor when selecting a particular company over the others. This is also one of the more difficult aspects to determine. There is a standard rate in the industry for specific services. Some start-up companies and freelancers offer less than the standard rate to start to get their name on the market. Determine a rate that will cover the cost of the overhead, use and value of the equipment, marketing and a host of other factors.


It is difficult to spend money on marketing the business when the money is tight. Marketing is still important even in such cases. There are several marketing devices, some more profitable than the others. Choose a marketing device that is of high quality for a better return on investment. It may be tough to decide to spend money on other aspects of the business during tight situations, but it will pay off.