Photography for Beginners: 2 Topics to Study First

Photography for beginners starts with two main areas that must be learned in order to achieve a higher quality of photos. There are many aspects of photography that help professional photographers produce amazing works of art, but this is where it all begins. 

1. Composition

The first thing beginning photographers need to learn is how to compose their photos. They have to learn to see creatively through the lens plus understand some of the basic rules of composition, including: rule of thirds, simplify, leading lines, balance, framing and avoiding mergers. There are times when some of these rules can be broken, but first they must learn when it is best to use each one and how to set-up that perfect shot.

2. Elements of Exposure

There are three elements of exposure: ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Learning how to use them properly will dramatically increase a photographer's ability to produce high quality photos. The beginner must learn how changing each one of these elements will react with the others and affect the outcome of their photo. Proper exposure is the stepping stone to developing a higher skill level as a photographer.