Photography Business Cards: What Your Logo Says About You

In the very dynamic world of business, photography business cards are slowly becoming a standard when it comes to giving out contact information. Gone are the days of boring two-colored business cards with your name, company and contact numbers printed on a white rectangular piece of cardboard.


It’s actually not necessary to have any kind of photo on your business cards. But, if you opt to have one, you should choose an icon that strongly represents you, your style and your business.  As an alternative, you can have different color combinations which are the same as your company logo. By doing this, people automatically associate the colors with you and your company.


The lettering found on your business card must be classy, elegant and most importantly, easy to read. Avoid intricate and complicated characters that may confuse people instead of informing them of your message. Time-tested fonts include Helvetica and Times New Roman. However, try to steer clear of Cosmic Sans, Courier and Impact.


The photography business card should also be laid out properly. This reflects who you are as a person and as a business owner. A cluttered layout projects a cluttered business system and is therefore not too appealing to potential customers. Also, the layout should be easy on the eyes, like that of the lettering.

Photography business cards should be able to integrate all the basic points mentioned in this article in order for them to be effective and convincing to your target market.