Pet Photos: The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs have distinctive personalities that can be captured in pet photos, which have become a popular trend. Knowing the differences of working with cats versus dogs will help produce effective results.

The primary characteristic difference between cats and dogs is that cats are more independent animals, while dogs have a pack mentality. Involving members of the family in your photo shoot can produce positive results with dog photos, while a special treat or toy may work better for a cat.

Taking Pet Photos

Capturing pet photos can be accomplished by following a few steps and guidelines listed below. The equipment needed to take pet photos includes a digital SLR camera, a tripod, toys, treats, and a little patience.

Step 1 - Interact with Your Pet

Take your dog on a long walk or play with your cat for at least a half hour before you take their picture. If your pet has been exercised and is a little tired prior to the photo shoot, you are more likely to have a cooperative subject.

Step 2 - Choose a Shooting Location

Find a spot in your home with a simple background, as you want the pet to be the focus of your shot. If possible, choose an area in your home that is well lit and is a favorite of your pet's.

Step 3 - Camera Set Up

Mount your digital camera on a tripod about 3 feet from where your pet will be posed. Make any necessary adjustments to the settings on the camera if you will be shooting in low light. Some digital cameras will have an indoor setting that you can use instead of making any manual settings adjustments.

It is recommended to use a continuous shot setting so that you can take multiple pictures in rapid succession. This will help you capture shots you would miss if your subject were to move.

Step 4 - Minimize Distractions

If you are shooting photos of a dog, it is important to minimize distractions. Dogs often have a moving attention span and, due to their predator instinct, react strongly to noise and movement. Make sure that kids and other pets are not in the room where you are shooting to help eliminate distractions.

Cats are not as prone to distraction as dogs; however, they can be more likely to want to move around while shooting pet photos. Giving them a few treats may help them stay in place.

Step 5 - Grab Your Subject's Attention

Squeak toys are effective to use with dogs.  Dogs will react to the noise and look in your direction, so you can direct their gaze to the place you want.

Cats can be more aloof than dogs; however, they can also react to toys. Cats are more visually oriented, so holding or throwing a toy in the air may produce a reaction.

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