Obtaining Aerial Advertising for Your Small Business

Aerial advertising is a very specialized form of advertising that uses aircraft to display vapor-based ads or banners and mobile billboards in the sky. A popular offshoot of aerial advertising is the practice of skywriting.

This particular form is considered to be particularly advantageous because of the cost effective methods to reach customers. Also, the advertisements are highly visible and a large number of people can view one single advertisement at once. This drastically reduces the cost per impression for aerial advertising.

Understanding Your Needs

You should determine your advertising needs such as the demographics of the target audience, methods of employment like fixed wing aircraft, blimps or skywriting. Fixed wing crafts are not generally favorable for aerial advertising due to their high speeds and greater fuel costs. Blimps are very effective for displaying mobile billboards due to their slow speed and inexpensive fuel costs. Skywriting is best suited to create dramatic messages and spectacles like marriage proposals.

Costs and Service Providers

It is highly recommended that a search on any of the popular search engines be carried out to locate a local aerial advertising business. Google local business is very well suited for such searches. Select an aerial advertiser only after going through their reviews and portfolio gallery. Some of the main players in the business are MetroAir, National Airviews and HighEye.

The cost for aerial advertising typically starts from $300. The cost of aircraft is expected to be $400 for 30 minutes. Other bells and whistles such as night ads add up quickly. But, the costs are highly effective considering that it reaches out to 1000 people. This makes aerial advertising more effective than print media.