Newborn Baby Photography: Timing is Key

Newborn baby photography is vital if you want to create a photographic timeline of your child's growing experience. Capturing photos this early in life can be a challenge, but one that's well worth overcoming. Here are a few simple tips regarding the timing to help you get the best photos possible of your new little one.


While many photographers will take newborn portraits as late as 3-4 months after the child's birth, you really only have a small window of time to capture the newborn look. After just a few weeks, the baby will start to look less like a newborn. Setting up a photo session within the first 10 days is the best way to ensure you are able to capture the wonder and splendor of your newborn before she outgrows that phase. The first week the newborn is usually much calmer, and this makes it easier to get great photos.

Most photographers suggest waiting to get the next set of pictures until they are around 6 weeks. From there, you can start to get photos done at milestones, such as when they can raise their head, rollover, crawl, stand, etc.

Time of Day

Most photographers will tell you that morning sessions are suited best for any newborn or baby photography. Newborns tend to get cranky and fussy in the afternoon. It's also a good idea to make sure the newborn is changed, fed, and well rested before a photography session. Once a newborn starts crying, the session will pretty much be over with. The chances of getting good photos once the crankiness has set in are slim to none.

Session Timing

The length of time for the actual photography session with a newborn is relatively quick. In most cases, you can expect to have a window of 15-30 minutes before the newborn gets too overstimulated. In some cases, you may have an hour, depending on the newborns disposition. This is important to know so you can plan accordingly. If you are wanting lots of photos that require backdrop changes or position changes, you may have to have several sessions. Remember that newborns don't understand a lot of what's going on around them, and too much stimulation can create a very cranky and hard to photograph baby.

Family Photos

If you are wanting to get a family portrait done, it's best to start with the photos of the newborn only. Once those shots have been captured, work on getting other family members in the pictures. The pictures of just the newborn should be a priority. This way if the baby gets cranky, you have the most important shots out of the way. If they do start to get fussy, having a family member step in for the next shot can help to calm them down. If they are cranky and the family members try to step out of the photo, the odds of getting good solo shots are diminished greatly.

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