Maternity Photography: Studio vs. Location

Taking pictures of expectant mothers is another area for both professional and amateur photographers, and maternity photography is a big business. There are many styles the expectant mother can choose from, including being photographed with a partner, or even nude, which may not be pleasing to everyone, but certainly gives some mothers the perfect photograph.

In a Studio Setting

A studio setting allows you to take great photographic images of a pregnant woman. It is probably easier to take nude shots here as well, so if the mother wants this sort of service, then you should suggest a studio as the best place. Taking maternity photography shots in a studio will allow you to control the amount of light in the room, the backdrops, the accessories (such as furniture and decorations), and all of the other things which go towards making a great photograph. The studio is perfect for formal occasions and joint sessions with a partner. There are many interesting artistic shots that you can get from a studio setting.

On Location

On the other hand, settings in a non-formal space, such as a home or in the park, can give you great candid shots that you would not get from a studio setting. It is unlikely that you would be able to do nudes, as you will not be able to control the lighting as much, and it might pick out scarring or stretch marks which you would be able to conceal in the studio. You may, however, be able to increase the intimacy of the shots. Expectant mothers take great candids, and the intimacy of their own home, or a local park, might prompt them to give you a better range of expressions than you could expect from a formal shoot.

Whichever kind of maternity photography you embark upon, you should be aware that the final choice is definitely with the mother. Be aware of the options that are available to her, and give her your honest opinion of the available opportunities. Don't be afraid to push more in one direction than another, as she may be grateful for your advice, but you should be guided by the mom if she knows what she wants.

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