Maternity Photography: Including the Family

Maternity Photography will help to make the wonder of giving birth memorable and special. Although the process mainly affects the woman, it's magical for everyone involved. That's why it's such a good idea to include the whole family in the photos.

The Mother

The mother will obviously be in a range of the maternity photos. Different styles can be attempted to try and find out what looks the best. It's the photographers job to put everyone at ease when they are having their photos taken. This should make it much easier to take high quality and memorable photos.

The Father

Photos of the father with the newborn baby are another popular type of photo which is a must have. When taking photos of the father, you will need to be patient and take several different photos so that you can get the best type of photo.

Couple Photos

Couple maternity photos are becoming very special and popular types of photograph. These consist of a photo of both the mother and the father with the newborn baby. These are fairly easy photos to take, although you might want to take a few different shots to make sure you get one that you're happy with.

Other Children

If there are any other children in the family, then you should also include them in the photos. Taking photos of children can be difficult because they often don't want to stay still or pose for photos. You will need to be friendly and patient so that you will be able to encourage the children to behave and wait while the photos are taken.

Family Photos

Taking photos of everyone in the family together can also be a great way to take memorable and interesting maternity photos. Family photos will include everyone in the family so that they can all remember the special day.


Some people might also want to include their pets in maternity photos. This can be even more difficult than working with children because of the communication barrier. When working with pets, you will need to be very patient so that you can take some great shots. It will also be easiest if you set your camera to burst mode so that several shots are taken at the same time.


Whenever taking maternity photographs, it pays to take your time and be patient. There are lots of things that you have to wait for in order to take the best photo. The chances of the baby blinking or one of the parents looking away are pretty high. That's why you will need to take lots of photos and then choose the very best ones. Thanks to digital cameras, it's possible to take as many photos as you want without wasting precious film; just be trigger happy and don't stop taking photos.

When taking Maternity photographs, you can make them much more memorable by including the entire family. Take your time and you shouldn't have a problem. 

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